Sunday, December 17, 2006

Taking Care of Mamma

Our Mamma, she has been sick this week. 'Bout maybe two months ago she quited smokin', but she still got Bronchitis just like every year. The hospital doctor said it'll take maybe somethin' like six years for her lungs to get all healed up. She had chills an' fever an' the achies. She's still not all better, but some of that is gone now... like the fever an' chills. An' some of the achies.

So I been takin' care of her. Except for when I wasn't. Well, she smelled sick all week! Not like yerpy sick... just sick. Dogs can smell it, y'know. Sick... fear... dinner... we can smell it all.

At least I'm not as bad as some, like Teddy. 'Bout two, maybe three, days ago he decided Mamma must not be an Alpha anymore 'cause she's all sick an' weak. That was pretty stupid. Daddy is still an Alpha, an' Mamma outranks even him, so she's like maybe an ├╝ber-Alpha. That's like Lifetime Alpha Cannot Be Revoked No Matter What.

Maybe when she gets well she'll celebrate by takin' me to the park!

~*~Miss Rosa~*~