Friday, January 12, 2007

What a Doll!

Humans can be so dumb, and that includes our Mamma sometimes. Don't b'lieve us? Mamma was in High School before she realized Stevie Wonder is blind... and then she announced it as if it should have been a surprise to everyone. She also only recently found out Raisin Bran Cereal is not made of raisins and unfrosted corn flakes. And, again, announced it as if it should be a surprise to everyone. Then there's this...

Some of the humans has been playin' a little game called "meme" on their blogs. Miss Anne said in hers how much she loves her ragdoll cat Flopsy. So our Mamma just starts talkin' all 'bout this little ragdoll she gots named Margetdoll. That's 'cause Mamma thought Miss Anne was sayin' Flopsy is a little ragdoll that looks like a cat. Like maybe she gots thread whiskers an' button eyes, an' maybe her tail is sewed on.

Ragdoll cats is a real breed. If there was a ragdoll dogs, Mamma probably would've known that. Anyway, I have drawed a picture of what I think Flopsy looks like.

I don't think it's too bad, considerin' I don't have opposable thumbs. But I don't know if it really looks anything like the real Flopsy. And that's the point here... Flopsy is a real cat.

Learn from Mamma's mistakes. Somebody should.

@>-- Rosa

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Happy 2007!

We're a little late getting to this. Dogs just don't keep time like humans do.

~*~.::♥::.~*~HAPPY NUDE YEAR!!!~*~.::♥::.~*~


Teddy was told... more than once... that it's a new year. Let's try that again.

~*~.::♥::.~*~YAPPY NEW YEAR!!!~*~.::♥::.~*~

Well... that's better.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Taking Care of Mamma

Our Mamma, she has been sick this week. 'Bout maybe two months ago she quited smokin', but she still got Bronchitis just like every year. The hospital doctor said it'll take maybe somethin' like six years for her lungs to get all healed up. She had chills an' fever an' the achies. She's still not all better, but some of that is gone now... like the fever an' chills. An' some of the achies.

So I been takin' care of her. Except for when I wasn't. Well, she smelled sick all week! Not like yerpy sick... just sick. Dogs can smell it, y'know. Sick... fear... dinner... we can smell it all.

At least I'm not as bad as some, like Teddy. 'Bout two, maybe three, days ago he decided Mamma must not be an Alpha anymore 'cause she's all sick an' weak. That was pretty stupid. Daddy is still an Alpha, an' Mamma outranks even him, so she's like maybe an ├╝ber-Alpha. That's like Lifetime Alpha Cannot Be Revoked No Matter What.

Maybe when she gets well she'll celebrate by takin' me to the park!

~*~Miss Rosa~*~

Thursday, November 30, 2006

I Got Comments!

A. Nonnymouse commented on my post about ball shaped people! Twice! They said we need to update more. Mr. or Mrs. Nonnymouse, we'll try to do that. It's just that us dogs don't get much internet time. Mamma or Daddy is almost always on the computer.


You twit. That's "Anonymous"... and it was probably Miss Ashli. Somebody should thwap you on the nose.

Mel (not a dog, but in here for the night)

A Little More Than a Three Dog Night

We almost didn't get winter at all last year, but it's tryin' to worm it's way in this year. The temperatures are supposed to be freezing tonight, so the sleeping situation has changed.

Usually, it's Mamma and Daddy, and Me (Sydney) and Rosa and Stella and Teddy in the bed. Maybe a couple of us on the floor, depends on how crowded we feel. Always dogs on the floor, though... Mamma and Daddy don't give up their spots on the bed. Pierre sleeps in his cage, next to the window. Merllyn and Mel, the kitty cats, don't come in the bedroom. They just curl up together somewhere.

Pierre's cage has been moved next to an interior wall, well away from the drafty window. Mel is loose in the bedroom with us, and Merllyn is in the bedroom inside a kennel. Catching her and convincing her to sleep in here with us dogs was kinda difficult, but she's the cat the whole thing was really for. Merllyn's ten years old now, and Mamma didn't want to make her stay in the rest of the cold house with the only heater in the bedroom.

This should be interesting.


Thursday, November 09, 2006

Ball Shaped People

Us dogs, we live with a stick shaped person and a ball shaped person. Mamma is the ball shaped person, and it makes her sad that she is ball shaped. I kind of like ball shaped people. They know where all the good treats are. They are soft and warm to cuddle with. Satan Claws is ball shaped, and everybody loves Satan Claws. Ball shaped people are very special. Sticks? You can find sticks anywhere. But you have to go to Petco and pick out a ball and pay for it.

I love you, ball shaped Mamma!


Monday, November 06, 2006

So Very True

Sled dogs discussing their Alpha.

That's exactly why I chase squirrels. I'd like to kill a kibble for myself.


Friday, November 03, 2006

Whelpday on the Way

It's almost time for my whelpday! Y'nose... the day I got whelped. I think humans call it a "birthday". Well it's almost time for mine! Mamma says I musta been whelped somewhere around Thanksgiving. If you wanna bring me any presents or anything, I would like some new toys. We have plenty of treats around here, but every time I get a new toy I chew it up. If you can find me one with feets, I would really like that. I've had a stuffed squirrel, possum, duck, and pheasant, and I always chew the feets off of them first.


Will It Be Cold This Winter?

We didn't get a very cold winter last year. Some of us are still wondering what that means for Teddy. It was his first winter, and he didn't grow a winter coat. Is he just not a winter coat growin' dog, or does his body not know to do it yet? Anyway, I think the hurricane was what messed it all up.

No hurricanes this year, and we've had a bit of a cold snap. When I feel that cold air hit my lungs and tickle my wet nose...I dunno, somethin' just goes nuts inside of me! Wanna see me chase my tail? Wanna see me chase your tail? Wanna see me run across a yard at breakneck speed, flip over, and do the same thing goin' the other way... all for no apparent reason? Gimmee some cold weather and I'll do it all!

Ahhhhh... I'm gonna go find somethin' to chase!


Wednesday, November 01, 2006

What Are We Doing Here?

We're the Canis Majors... the dogs that live with Phoenix and Moonwolf. Originally, Canis Majors was going to be a webcomic based on us. That didn't really work out. Phoenix already had accounts for the stuff she needed to do it, but finding hosting for a webcomic was a bit of a pain, and then she got busy enough with other things that drawing a comic on a regular basis wouldn't have worked. We took over the accounts, and here we are!

Of course, we wouldn't be anywhere if it weren't for the folks on the internet who inspired us to do this. There's the Sniff Ya Later group, which we haven't kept up with in a long time, but they introduced us to being dogs who post online about things. There's also This Blog is Full of Crap. Phoenix shamelessly ripped off the "Ask the Cats" feature from that blog once. And finally, we were inspired by Goobie, who blessed Phoenix's family with being able to share one of her nine lives. Friday Catblogging just wasn't enough for her, and we enjoyed reading her blog.

This post was written by: Sydney, Rosa, Stella, and Teddy
(but mostly Sydney)