Friday, January 12, 2007

What a Doll!

Humans can be so dumb, and that includes our Mamma sometimes. Don't b'lieve us? Mamma was in High School before she realized Stevie Wonder is blind... and then she announced it as if it should have been a surprise to everyone. She also only recently found out Raisin Bran Cereal is not made of raisins and unfrosted corn flakes. And, again, announced it as if it should be a surprise to everyone. Then there's this...

Some of the humans has been playin' a little game called "meme" on their blogs. Miss Anne said in hers how much she loves her ragdoll cat Flopsy. So our Mamma just starts talkin' all 'bout this little ragdoll she gots named Margetdoll. That's 'cause Mamma thought Miss Anne was sayin' Flopsy is a little ragdoll that looks like a cat. Like maybe she gots thread whiskers an' button eyes, an' maybe her tail is sewed on.

Ragdoll cats is a real breed. If there was a ragdoll dogs, Mamma probably would've known that. Anyway, I have drawed a picture of what I think Flopsy looks like.

I don't think it's too bad, considerin' I don't have opposable thumbs. But I don't know if it really looks anything like the real Flopsy. And that's the point here... Flopsy is a real cat.

Learn from Mamma's mistakes. Somebody should.

@>-- Rosa


Hammer said...

I thought rasin bran was bran flakes with raisin. Am I being dense?

I had no idea about the cat I thought it was a doll too. Scootch over, you need to make some room in that nutshell.

Sydney said...

Mr. Hammer, Raisin Bran is bran flakes and raisins. Our Mamma thought it was corn flakes. Basically, she thought the left the fristing off the Frosted Flakes and put raisins in instead. Now she knows it's bran flakes, but she still doesn't know what bran is.

Mamma's mind is a strange place. She knows all kinds of stuff the average human doesn't, but she doesn't know what the breakfast creal is made of.

Anne said...

Darling mamma's 4 dogs,
That is SOOOOOO cute ! And as a matter of fact it DOES look like Flopsy !!!! There was no way for your dear mamma to know that my sweet girl wasn't a rag doll, but instead a ragdoll !
I might have made that guess too, given that she DID have a ragdoll she loved to pieces and kept in a box for safekeeping !
Thank you for thinking of us. It is an adorable post !!!
Clearly your mamma has a heart of gold...
Miss Anne