Thursday, November 30, 2006

A Little More Than a Three Dog Night

We almost didn't get winter at all last year, but it's tryin' to worm it's way in this year. The temperatures are supposed to be freezing tonight, so the sleeping situation has changed.

Usually, it's Mamma and Daddy, and Me (Sydney) and Rosa and Stella and Teddy in the bed. Maybe a couple of us on the floor, depends on how crowded we feel. Always dogs on the floor, though... Mamma and Daddy don't give up their spots on the bed. Pierre sleeps in his cage, next to the window. Merllyn and Mel, the kitty cats, don't come in the bedroom. They just curl up together somewhere.

Pierre's cage has been moved next to an interior wall, well away from the drafty window. Mel is loose in the bedroom with us, and Merllyn is in the bedroom inside a kennel. Catching her and convincing her to sleep in here with us dogs was kinda difficult, but she's the cat the whole thing was really for. Merllyn's ten years old now, and Mamma didn't want to make her stay in the rest of the cold house with the only heater in the bedroom.

This should be interesting.


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