Friday, November 03, 2006

Will It Be Cold This Winter?

We didn't get a very cold winter last year. Some of us are still wondering what that means for Teddy. It was his first winter, and he didn't grow a winter coat. Is he just not a winter coat growin' dog, or does his body not know to do it yet? Anyway, I think the hurricane was what messed it all up.

No hurricanes this year, and we've had a bit of a cold snap. When I feel that cold air hit my lungs and tickle my wet nose...I dunno, somethin' just goes nuts inside of me! Wanna see me chase my tail? Wanna see me chase your tail? Wanna see me run across a yard at breakneck speed, flip over, and do the same thing goin' the other way... all for no apparent reason? Gimmee some cold weather and I'll do it all!

Ahhhhh... I'm gonna go find somethin' to chase!


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